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Enhancing Market Presence with Robust Digital Strategies for an IT business

Success Stories

Enhanced Market Presence and boosted lead generation for an IT business

Client Overview

Datafortune is an avant-garde IT Services Company based out of Atlanta, Georgia, with
established development centers in Pune and Hyderabad, India. They aim to empower
businesses by offering high-quality, efficient, affordable, and punctual information technology services. With a commitment to customer-centric service, Datafortune strives to optimize their clients’ technology investments to stimulate growth, competitiveness, and innovation.

The Challenge

While Datafortune was proficient at providing excellent IT services to its clients, the company faced similar challenges as any other business like amplifying its digital presence, distinguishing itself in the competitive IT services market, and generating inbound leads. The primary hurdles included enhancing organic search visibility in the US market, comprehensive management of digital marketing efforts, and the systematic evaluation of strategy effectiveness.

Outreach Digital Marketing


With our strategic approach and persistent efforts, Datafortune has witnessed substantial growth and success within a year.

Lead Generation

Our comprehensive digital marketing efforts resulted in an impressive influx of inbound leads, significantly expanding their customer base.

Global Expansion

With our support, Datafortune successfully expanded its services to new markets globally, strengthening its international presence.

Revenue Growth

The company experienced a remarkable 40% increase in revenue, suggesting a substantial return on investment.

Social Media Growth

We successfully boosted their social media follower count by 70%, leading to an improved digital footprint and brand recognition.

Brand Visibility

Despite intense competition, Datafortune achieved a high rank in organic Google Search results, showcasing the effectiveness of our SEO strategies.


The partnership between OutReach Digital and Datafortune for over an year has emerged as a compelling
testament to the power of well-implemented digital strategies. They were successfully able
to enhance their market presence and
overall business performance. It also significantly influenced their revenue growth and client expansion.

By staying on the pulse of digital trends and adopting innovative marketing strategies, we are
committed to maintaining this growth trajectory and establishing Datafortune as a leading
provider in the global IT services industry.

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