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Transforming Healthcare with Digital Outreach – Fyzical Bolingbrook and Plainfield

Success Stories

Enhanced local visibility & lead generation for a healthcare business in USA

Client Overview

Fyzical is a cutting-edge physical therapy center with over 500 franchise locations across the USA. Their mission is to shift the focus from “sick care” to “well care” by providing holistic healthcare solutions and reimagining the approach to patient health and wellness. By providing a spectrum of holistic health care solutions, Fyzical aims to reinvent the way patients approach their health and wellness.

Their services are currently spread across various locations, with Bolingbrook and Plainfield being their prime operational centers.

The Challenge

Despite Their Commitment To Excellent Services, Our Client At Fyzical Bolingbrook And Plainfield Faced Significant Challenges In Increasing Their Customer Base, Enhancing Brand Visibility, And Maintaining A Dominant Position In The Fiercely Competitive Market. The Key Challenges Also Included Driving Leads, Managing End-To-End Marketing Operations, And Measuring The Impact Of Their Strategies.

Outreach Digital Marketing physio therapy treatment


With our strategic approach and consistent efforts, Fyzical Bolingbrook and Plainfield have seen remarkable growth and success within a year.

Lead Generation

We generated over 100 leads through our comprehensive marketing efforts, which greatly contributed to their expanding customer base.

Franchise Expansiont

Fyzical was able to launch its new franchise location in Plainfield successfully, further cementing its presence in the region.

Revenue Growth

The business witnessed a staggering 50% increase in their revenue, indicating an impressive return on investment.

Social Media Growth

A 60% increase in social media followers led to an enhanced online presence and brand recognition.

Brand Visibility

Despite facing tough competition, Fyzical Bolingbrook achieved a top rank in organic Google Search results, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO strategies.


The partnership between OutReach Digital and Fyzical Bolingbrook and Plainfield has been a success story of how effective digital strategies can revolutionize a business's market presence and overall performance. This transformation has not only elevated Fyzical Bolingbrook and Plainfield’s brand visibility but also significantly impacted their revenue growth and customer expansion.